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The Services I offer

Social Media Marketing

Create social media pages on Facebook, GooglePlus, LinkedIn and more to market you and your business. Create ads to advertise your business on Facebook and Google. Make your business move to the top of the Google search results.


Design databases to support your website. Track your clients and send them invoices. Receive emails directly from your website. Link your Twitter and Facebook accounts to your website.


Create a user-friendly website for your business. Show off your personal performer page to casting directors and the public.

Web Hosting

Host and maintain your website for a low monthly fee. One-stop shop to create an online presence.

Hello, I am Allison Gosney

I'm a user interface designer living in upstate New York. I create web projects to make life better and easier for people. I am also a full stack developer. That means I can handle everything from making and maintaining your company's database to creating a visually appealing site for your clients to navigate. I am also a singer and performer. I can talk to you about your what you want your website to look like in "human-speak". Creating is not just a job for me, it's a passion.

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Want to update your website?

Want to change your biography, add to your repertoire list, or even upload photos? I can design a website where you can login and edit you information without touching any code. Ask me about full-stack website discounts for performers. I can also deisgn your website with Squarespace and teach you how to use it.

The works I am proud of

The Diction Police

Online Store

This is a full-stack website with a complex database and admin site to meet the needs of an unique online store.

The Diction Police is a small business run by internationally known vocal coaches. It sells digital content teaching singers how to perform popular classical songs. The content has a complex relation; one song may have several videos or language translations. Their previous website listed each of these as individual items. I designed a database that allows the user to a pick a song or work and then chose which items to purchase. The website also allows the client to feature their free content that previous on multiple platforms. Users can purchase separate items, packages, or access all the content for a subscription fee.

I also designed an administration website so that the client can directly upload both free and paid content. The client selects from a list of characteristics such as original language, composer, and major work that allows the user to easily sort and search through the content. The purchased content is uploaded to a database. The free content uses iframes to feature the content from social media.

Anne Heath Welch

A Performer's Portfolio Website

This website was designed for a professional performer. It is customized to show her work as singer, voice teacher, and opera director.

This customer can login into the website directly and change her website directly. She can edit her biography, add reviews, and add new sound cloud clips. She can even create new photo albums and upload photos directly to the website.

Emerald Pines Community

Girl Scout Community Website

Girl Scout community needed a way to track its members, while still being secure. This project includes a sophisticated database and interactive way to add new members and track registrations. It also intuitive user interface for everyday users to operate.

There is different level of access to allow community members to interact with the information they need, while maintaining members’ privacy. This lets those who need a lot of information to have one spot to keep track of everything. Leader who just need some information can easily register and interact with the site, without getting involved with the more detailed information.

Composer Quiz App

Name The Composer

This is a fun Javascript app I made. It grades your answers as you go and gives you a final score at the end. You can even write your own questions and play your own custom quiz. Can you name the composer?

The question and answer order are randomized each time you play. Your new questions are shuffled in with the original ones. There is no database with this app, so your questions aren’t saved.

The Chirper App

First Group App

This Twitter inspired website uses multiple clients interaction. You can write new chirps, add and delete friends, and see what's happening on your newsfeed.

Pet Adoption App

First Full-stack ASP.NET App

This is the first app I made with a full multilevel database. You can add, delete and edit pets directly on the website. Users can decide which type of animals they would like to search through, or look at them all.

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Please contact me for price quotes for starting and web hosting your site.

Allison Gosney